Tuesday, September 23, 2008

What Really Grinds My Gears - 4

You know what really grinds my gears - the new lobster Subway sandwich.

What makes Subway think they can charge $17 for a sandwich? Who in marketing came up with this clever idea? It's like they are trying to compete with the Mr. Sub crab & seafood sandwich but are failing miserably.

Did they have a meeting with all the executives, accountants, and the top notch marketers of Subway and discuss all the ways in which they could up sell the crab sub from Mr. Sub? Are they not making enough money off of their $5 sandwiches, that they actually thought it was in their best interest to price this new one so ridiculously high?

What jackass came up with this plan? Was it the guy sitting in the back row who never contributes? Did the President of Subway call upon said Jackass and ask what he thought the company should do to enhance sales?

"Ummm maybe we should sell a sandwich for $17 - that would make us some money." To which the President responded "$17... that would make us money. Now what should we put on this $17 sandwich?"

That same clever Jackass with his smug expression "lobster - people pay good money for lobster."

I'd personally like to sit in on this next meeting for two reasons. One, to see the look on the President's face when the accountants pull out the charts showing the significant decrease in revenue. And two, to explain it to the Jackass as I smack that smug look off his face, just before he's fired.

(Compliments of Tim MacDonald - it really grinds his gears too)

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