Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Talk About Great Service

So I thought I'd take a break from my usual rants about people on the subway, and other common ignorant people to make an announcement.

So recently, I had the unfortunate experience of losing puzzle pieces. I worked for hours, probably close to 15 hours to be exact on a 1,000 piece jigsaw puzzle. And in all this time, I probably only completed about 150 pieces worth of work. It took me a solid 9 hours to complete just the frame, and that was after a few trial and errors.

My cats thought the puzzle would make a nice sleeping spot. But three cats makes for a lot of back and forth and of course some pieces were knocked to the floor.... only to be consumed by the dogs. I cried. I worked so hard on something that was just ruined in the space of minutes. To top it off, the puzzle is a limited edition and sold out everywhere. I'm left with two choices: complete the puzzle despite the missing pieces or throw it all out and count my losses.

Well as per previous posts, I'm persistent. I called several different stores trying to find this puzzle to no avail. A week later, I walk into a store and come across the last copy. Cha-ching! I now have a replacement but still no place to work on it.

Here is where my great service experience comes in. I come across this website: JIGSAW JUNGLE

This place specializes in all things puzzle including a few safe storage options. I decide to spend a bit of money and get a good quality jigsaw briefcase.

If you spend over $79 (I believe) you get free shipping. This is a bonus because I'm in Canada and JIGSAW JUNGLE is in the United States. With the free shipping option you are guaranteed delivery in 5-10 business days. The exception of course is if you are located outside the States because they can't guarantee the length of 'border time'. Well fair is fair. They also say that they aren't responsible for duty fees. So now I'm expecting my package to be delivered in 5-10 business days, but if it takes longer, that's OK too. And if it comes with an extra fee, well I've been warned.

I ordered my package on Friday afternoon and it was shipped to me on Monday morning! This is cross-border! That, my friends, is awesome service! The bonus, I didn't have to pay a thing at the door. Also good news. I will definitely be doing business with these people again.


Danny Brown said...

Some companies get what great customer service is all about. These are the ones that will prosper while the others are left behind.

Sucess = communication and satisfaction. You've just told your readers about this company; they'll mention it in passing to their friends; and before you know it this company has a bunch of new fans and customers.

Not rocket science but there sure are a lot of crappy scientists out there! :)

Jac Star said...

Sucess = communication and satisfaction... it also equals bad spelling LOL

you make me laugh, Mr. Brown, but it's very true.