Tuesday, January 20, 2009

What Really Grinds My Gears - 10

You know what really grinds my gears - fashion statements in the winter.

Right now it's -14C outside, but with the wind travelling at a speed of 24km/h it feels like -24C. And this is not the coldest day of the year, it's not even close. You really should be prepared with scarf, tuke, mittens/gloves, winter boots and whatever else keeps your body warm.

This is no time for high heels and mini-skirts ladies. Honestly, how sexy do you feel with those bright red legs? How safe are those high heels walking around on ice? Just who are you trying to impress?

Kids, this goes out to you too. You are wearing a winter coat, but it's of no value unless you do it up. And where are your hats? You know it's cold outside, you know that you're freezing right now. Why are you torturing yourself? Are you only considered cool if you're shivering? Is it hip to walk around with red nose and ears?

I remember when it was cool to be warm and comfortable but I guess that was a long time ago.

So why don't you just dare to be different and start a new trend? Running shoes aren't really made for this snowy, icy weather. The scarf you're wearing, isn't really useful if your chest is still exposed, so do up your jacket. You'll be the first cool kid without frostbite.

And what's with people on the elevator. Not only are you lazy, getting on the elevator on the second floor to go down to the lobby, but you're pretty stupid too. There you are frantically looking for the "G" button, but where exactly do you think the elevator is going to go. You got on an elevator full of people, you know it's going down, and you also know that there is nothing beneath the "G" level. So, do you think that if you don't press the button the elevator will just stop where it is? No. Of course not. The button has already been pressed by one of the other ten people on the elevator. You don't need to press it too. In fact, just get off and take the damn stairs.

To the lady on the subway train, you're too fat to sit there. Don't squeeze your fat ass in that small chair between two people. There is no where for them to go and you really don't fit. Maybe you should stand for those two stops, it might do your body some good.

And that's what really grinds my gears.


Danny Brown said...

Wow... I'm sure you're getting harsher with age... ;-)

Jac Star said...

Did you want to take this outside, old man???? You make sure you dress for the weather because I'm going to knock you out cold!

mediascribe_ca said...

I was laughing out loud while reading this post...it is hilarious...and so true! Thanks so much for sharing your rant:)

Jac Star said...

LOL thanks Mediascribe :)

I didn't even get to the part about people in shorts... I figured that was self-explanitory lol

PurplePeopleEater said...

OMG Jacki!!

*I* was going to write a blog about the same thing!! That's actually half of the reason I thought about starting a blog because it's so freaking ridiculous. Stupid people.

I still plan on writing about this though, but I will give due credit to you and our hive-mind, since you got to it first. That's what I get for waiting :P

Jac Star said...

LOL i look forward to reading your work Stephy or shall i say "PurplePeopleEater"

plus there is so much more to add on the subject

like people in shorts... guh