Wednesday, January 14, 2009

What Really Grinds My Gears - 9

You know what really grinds my gears - hairstylists. Or mayhaps I should specify, hairstylists that don't listen.

I had a package at a new salon. Some promotion where you just book your appointment and your cut and style is already paid for. So I booked my appointment and went in for a brand new look.

Here is a picture of me BEFORE I went to the salon.

Nice, long, curly hair.

Now don't get me wrong, I love my curls, but it's time for a change.

So when the lady says "what would you like done today?" I hand her this picture.

It's short and straight and completely different. I've had my hair short before, I know how it will look, and as drastic as it might be for me, I like drastic and I'm not threatened or scared by change.

The lady says "oh no, your face is too round to pull that look off." I advise her that I know what it will look like and this is what I want. She says "you have broad shoulders and short hair just accentuates that." Again, I tell her that I don't care and to cut my hair off.
She says "why do you want it short? You have curly hair. I'll teach you how to do your hair so that you'll love it."
I say "I know how to do my hair curly, I also know how to straighten it. Please cut it off."
She says "I specialize in curly hair, I know what I'm doing. You just haven't been to someone who knows what they are doing. Trust me, when I'm done with it, you'll love it."

This is when I realize that I'm not going to get my way so I just stop talking. Really, I've had curly hair my entire life. Are you trying to say that in over 25 years, I've NEVER been to someone who knows how to cut hair? That I've never bothered to ask someone what the best products to use are? Get over yourself lady.

At one point she has me curling my own hair... Because that's why I went to the salon of course, to do my own damn hair.

I tell her I want my hair to be short, straight and flat. I tell her I wanted it parted to the left. This is what I get.

Note the similarities. That's right, there aren't any. She didn't cut my hair, she didn't straighten it, she added volume and for F*&K sakes she parted it the wrong way.
I really could have done this myself. I could have just chopped it and it would have looked the same. I went to the salon because I wanted a new look and this is hardly new.

This lady told me I had to dye my hair as soon as possible because my roots are showing (big deal). She asks me what colour I was thinking about going with it. Just for kicks I say "blue." She says "we don't carry that colour but how about a really nice blonde?" BAHHHH Why do you even ask? You clearly don't care what I want done, you just cut/dye/style whatever the hell you're in the mood for.
She says to me, "worst case scenario, if you really don't like it, come back in a few days and I'll cut it again."

Why would I go back? Why did I waste my time at all?

She layered my hair and even if I go back she won't be able to do my hair the way I asked. She's ruined it. She's ruined my chances of even getting it fixed so now I just have to wait until it grows out and try again.

The biggest slap in the face was at the end as I was walking out instead of asking me if I liked it, she says "there, that suits your personality much better."

Excuse me?! HOW THE F*&K DO YOU KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT MY PERSONALITY? It's not like you've listened to a damn word I said. Honey, you haven't seen an inch of my personality.

The next day I go to a new salon and ask the guy there if he can fix it. I tell him straight up, if he can't then I'll just wait until my hair grows back and try again but don't waste my time and money telling me you can do something you can't.

He fixes it - all is good. Now I spent $65 dollars on something that was supposed to be 'included in a package' and over 2 hours on a hair cut that went out the window.

I feel like going back to the first lady and saying, next time just listen. Don't tell me I will look terrible. If it's a bad cut or if it doesn't suit me, that's my problem. Hair grows back, I can deal with it. I've shaved my head over bad haircuts in the past and I'm not afraid to do it now.

Don't tell me you know, because you don't. Go F*&K yourself.


Danny Brown said...

The golden rule of being in a service industry is that you service the customer's needs. It doesn't matter what your opinion is - your customer is paying your wages, it's their choice so you go with it.

Laugh all you want after the customer leaves, and discuss the relevant merits of your wisdom compared to their lack of it, but while the customer is there, do as they ask.


Jac Star said...

so true... everyone else told me my hair looks awesome and it suits me and they go on and on.

If it was really terrible, people wouldn't say anything at all, they wouldn't go out of their way to lie to me.

Bah, I'm still frustrated with this hairdresser person

Yona Williams said...

Wow Jacki! That is a nice change. OMG - you looked so unhappy in the first hairdo. The look on your face said it all. I like the straightened look on you.

Jac Star said...

thanks Yona :)

I had this look years ago, but I didn't have a straightener. So the day after my hair appointment, when I showered it was a big curly mess and I couldn't get it back. I cried then shaved my head lol.

Now I have a straightener so life is easy