Monday, October 29, 2007


So I had an incredibly busy weekend. We went to visit some friends out of town right after work on Friday. It turned into Game-Night at another friends and we didn't get back to the place we were staying until about 430 in the morning.

This is such a late night for us, I'm usually in bed before 11p (most times 10p) on weeknights and I couldn't believe we stayed up so late. Once we got back to our friends place the guys stayed up until 730am before crashing. We all had to be up at 11am so you can imagine how difficult it was to get up after the lack of sleep.

We did some fun house hunting stuff went for a late lunch and back to the house to crash again.
After dinner, my fiancé and I bailed on another night of partying and thought we'd return home to our cats and a night of scary movies on tv.

Sunday was a day of dress shopping for my bridal party... Fun Stuff and a crazy old lady that I could write tons about but would ultimately just frustrate me to death.

Now for the BIG NEWS,
Sunday at 4:55am, I became an aunt to a beautiful baby girl.
My brother and his wife named their newborn Breanna Ilene Marie, and she weighs an even 7lbs.
I haven't had the opportunity to meet the baby just yet, but I've seen the pictures. She's adorable (even though she's a spit image of my brother).

Can't wait for more updates!

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