Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Major League Soccer - MLS blows!

How frustrating is this?

I ordered a 'football' jersey from MLSGear.com for my fiance for his birthday.
I ordered it about 5 or 6 weeks before his birthday and the delivery time was 2 to 4 weeks so no matter what, I'm thinking I'll get his birthday gift on time.

Well after the four week mark hit and still no jersey, I decided to check the tracking status of the order. It says "submitted and processing" ... How long does it take to put a shirt in a box and ship it out? Well patiently, I give it some time. On the day of his birthday, there was still no gift to give him.

So here is what I write to the MLS customer service box:

Hi there,

I placed my order (N32298&*^%) on Sept 14th. It has a 2-4 week delivery time yet it still has not arrived.
When I checked the status of the order it says "submitted and processing" … Please enlighten me, how long does it take to 'submit and process' one single jersey? I wasn't aware it was so complex to put a shirt in a box and ship it out.
This was a gift for my fiance and his birthday is today… Obviously, it will not be here in time so I'd like to know what you intend to do to compensate.
If the item I requested is out of stock, I should have been informed. I expect a response.

Jac Star

Well naturally I did not hear back from them for a few days, but what upset me the most was that they hardly addressed the situation at hand. Here was their response:

Dear Jac,

There was a problem processing your order causing the system to reject it. You can either replace the order online or you can contact us at 1-877-7467-657 so we can push your current order through, call (925) 609-0297 if outside the US.

AH-Customer Support

They cannot be serious! So no where on the tracking status does it say "rejected" it says "submitted and processing" I checked again. I don't live in the US so I am now expected to call long distance if I want this fixed?
I respond to the email:

I am expected to pay Long Distance as well?
You have got to be kidding me.
Where was this email 5 weeks ago when I placed the order?
What am I going to be compensated with?

I doubt this email will get anywhere.
I hold back the rage and pick up the phone.
Basically this is what the guy says to me:

"uh... ya... can you hold on? uh... OK... do you have the order number?"
I give it to him again
"uh ... OK... hold on again... uh... OK... can you confirm your shipping address?"
You would think they had this on file, but whatever, I confirm it.
"uh... OK... ummm... can I have your credit card information again?"

Well this is where I get upset. I do NOT give my credit card information again. I asked him if he should have this on file considering they already took the payment... I also asked him to tell me when I'd get my order.

I assumed he'd say 2-4 weeks again but maybe add a "I will try to escalate, given your situation" ... You know, those calming words that every customer should hear.
Shocking, he says "Mam, I don't know. I haven't checked your order yet and I can't confirm any dates"

I'm livid at this point and I just tell him to "cancel the order, this service is incredibly ridiculous, I'll take my business elsewhere." I then hang up the phone.... What a waste of a long distance phone call.

I decide to try an email again:

The customer service is absolutely terrible.
After calling long distance, I am put on hold several times and asked all of the information that should already be registered.

I am not guaranteed any dates of when I will receive my order and I am asked to pay for it a SECOND time.

Are you kidding me?

Stop jerking me around and send me my order! Escalate this, or I will.

I'm not calling anyone and dealing with any more ignorance, this is incredibly ridiculous. Someone knowledgeable should be contacting me.

Sending me my money back, or sending me the product in which I paid for will simply not suffice at this point, however one or the other will have to be on my doorstep within 5 business days or you can expect a lawsuit.

I cannot imagine spending hundreds of dollars on things like season tickets, if you can't even manage a single shirt. No wonder MLS is suffering, the organization is appalling.

Jac Star

Surprisingly (*rolls eyes*), there hasn't been a package delivered, a refund, or even a response. But it hasn't been 5 business days just yet, they have until the end of the week.

Just for fun, I checked the MLS gear site to see the status of my order.

"Submitted and Processing"


Danny said...

Yeah, that "Submitted and Processing" line can be a bitch!!! ;-)

Flamingo said...

What happened in the end?

Jac Star said...

Last I checked it was still being Submitted for Processing - I stopped checking lol