Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Not feeling so good today. Just one of those days. You know the days when you don't feel like cooking or going out so you order take out? The days you think "hey, Swiss Chalet is cheap. Let's order that" ?? The days when you lie on the couch wondering why the heck you just ate Swiss Chalet when you know it makes you sick every time...


On another note... Did I mention I started my own company? I figured, why not? My fiance runs his own business and co-owns a second business. He's doing what he really loves so why can't I do what I really love?

First, I had to decide what I really love. I have a BSc in Science. It started off as a degree in chemistry but I didn't really enjoy that. So instead of focusing on one topic I did them all. Left university and found a job in customer service. Typical. I am now in the billing department which I enjoy but am not passionate about.
So again, what am I passionate about?

Well, I love taking pictures. I love music. So I got a gig at photographing concerts. That was pretty sweet for a while. I got to meet tons of cool bands. But I needed it to be official. So I got a diploma in photography and bought me a really expensive camera.

Then I realized I'd rather just go to the concert and enjoy the music. Taking pictures was a chore. So that's another degree I can chalk up to "wasted effort."
I also love to read. Avid reader. Because I read, I am really good at detecting errors.
*Side note: I'm a READER, not a WRITER. I'm not very good at detecting my own errors, so no blog judgement.

I used to tutor people in English, and edit college and university papers. I have a knack for that so I got a job as a part time copy editor. Bought a bunch of books on copy-editing and proofreading so that I'd be well informed on all of the styles that the client would need. But this is just part time and there is not a lot of income. At this point there is not a lot to edit.

So what do I enjoy?
  • listening to music
  • reading books
  • taking pictures
  • science (maybe)

Well reading is a hobby, I wish I could make a job out of that but it's highly unlikely. Anyone out there want to pay me to read? I'll do it!

Assuming that won't happen, I needed to look beyond. So I've started my own T-shirt company. Well I'm taking the baby steps to start my own company. I have my domain and company name. I have a T-shirt wholesaler. I have the software to make designs. I have even made a few designs just to test the software. Software is pretty cheap and it doesn't make me the quality that I want.

I am fully capable of designing AND I am fully capable of taking photographs. So I have decided to blend them both by selling my photographs on clothing. It won't be long before I can afford the machinery to make it happen.

I can still do my billing job full time, my copy-editing/proofreading job part time, run my own business, read (possibly scientific books) on my spare time, and listen to music while doing all of the above.


Danny said...

But then we'll have to eat out more as you won't be cooking for me - gosh! Can we get an au pair?? ;-)

Jac Star said...

we have to have kids first

Danielle said...

LOL...when you have kids, you better scratch at least half of those "other things you have time for" from the list ;-)

That sounds like an awesome business!!! I met someone online who sells her photos on notecards so that could be an expansion idea :-)

Best of luck and congratulations on becoming Mrs. Brown!!!