Thursday, May 1, 2008

Don't Speak

My advice to you... Keep your mouth shut.

When somebody asks you how your day is, say "good" - don't say "great" as that will necessitate further comments. Do NOT under any circumstances, tell them how you really feel. Likely they don't care anyways, but once you start venting about something that's on your chest, you are immediately thought of as a negative person. And if the wrong person finds out you're negative, you get a one on one with HR or recruited by a happy cult member.

I had both happen in one day - it's not good. The cult - easy - just throw some scientific mumbo jumbo at them. I'm a scientist, this could go on a long time, and I'll always win.

The meeting with the boss was not a big deal, he was misinformed by some evil bitch micromanager at work. Evil Bitch Micromanager is the manager of another department - doesn't concern me at all. She overhears me speaking to my colleague about an email that we received. My colleague asked my opinion and all I said was "I'm not going to respond to the email as I believe I'll get very foul." Somehow this got translated back to MY boss as "Jacki is a very negative person who is complaining about every little thing and should be talked to."
That ultimately gets back to me as "if you're not happy here, maybe you should leave." My boss is a super, nice guy and totally understanding so I just explained the truth of the matter, to which he denied the evil bitch micromanager's accusations. This is how he avoids confrontation, but we all know the truth.

Honestly... the only negativity I see is the eaves-dropping evil bitch micromanager making shit up.

See now I'm swearing, but really... my stats are good, I get along with every one on my team, I work overtime without compensation and without complaints and I'm the one who needs to rethink my career? Well I'll be. I tell you what, maybe when my stats fall and I start bringing the average down rather then up, maybe then you can tell me about my attitude and my career path choices.

To you "Evil Bitch Micromanager" my life, my job, my business... doesn't concern you. If you decide to step on my toes again, I will be escalating. I will be seeing your boss and speaking to her about your lousy management style. Here is a tip, if half of your team is on stress leave - IT'S YOUR FAULT! I'll be sure to bring this to the attention of your boss, and I will be discussing the negative impacts that YOU have on the company.

To everyone else: "I'm good, and you?"


Danny said...

Haha, awesome boo!! Ima keep out the way of your toes ;-)

Samantha said...

That evil bitch...hahahah!!! Good post - I rather enjoy your rants...I root you on from all the way down here in MS!

Yona said...

LOL - that is hilarious! Don't you hate when people don't mind their own business....I hope she's not one of those ones that adds insult to injury and likes to smile in your face...