Thursday, December 4, 2008

The Bet

I believe that everyone of legal age, and maybe some that aren't, have partaken in what is called 'the bet' at least once in their lives.

This is where you see who can go the longest between you and your significant other without some form of sexual act. In high school, it could be as simple as 'let's see who can go the longest without kissing the other' then you bet your virginity on it. Maybe not something as substantial as that but whatever the reward is for the winner, it's also as exciting for the loser.

Then you play this fun game of trying to tease the other to cave first. This could last a long time, or a short time depending on the bet itself. Basically it comes down to a sexual act for a sexual act. If I lose, I have to do a strip tease, but if you lose then you have to give me a full body massage. Really, who cares who loses at this point? The reward is done in privacy for the person you love. It's not humiliating. And if I really don't want to do a little dance around the bed, then I'll just promise myself to not crack under pressure. I'll make you kiss me, or whatever the actual bet is. I'll win, you'll see.

Word to the wise, don't try this bet when you're married. It's a stalemate. You'd be surprised at how long I could go without kissing my husband. He doesn't seem to mind either. There is nothing seductive in this game at all.

For those married who want to spice up their relationship with a little bet, try this. The first one to leave the toilet lid/seat up has to clean it consecutively for six months. You'd be surprised how exciting THAT game can get. It doesn't involve sex at all, but everyone needs a clean toilet, and no one offers to do that job.


Danny Brown said...

Maybe we need new toothpaste? ;-)

Thanks for sharing our details with everyone.

Jac Star said...

well prove me wrong, Brown.

Shall we make a bet?