Friday, November 28, 2008

What Really Grinds My Gears - 8

You know what really grinds my gears - people at the movies.

I had my own personal experience, for the first time ever in my life, I went to see a movie by myself. You know, it really wasn't such a bad experience - because unlike SOME people, I don't go to the movies to socialize in the first place, so going alone is not a whole lot different than going with people.

I decided to see what all the rage was about in this Twilight phenomenon but couldn't convince my husband to come with. This is actually where I'm lying and pretending to be cool. I knew what all the rage was about and I was dying to see the film. Anyways back to my rant.

There were only about 30 people in the crowd and I had two talkative kids (boys by the way) sitting behind me. One decided to explain the ENTIRE movie to the other, quite loudly too. And if he wasn't explaining things, he was predicting them like "watch this part it's funny" then he'd laugh really loud. Or he made things up like during the make-out scene he said "did you see what just happened? He injected a bit of his venom into her but he didn't want to kill her so he stopped." I felt like turning around and saying "THAT'S NOT EVEN TRUE!" I expected the mother to shut the kids up but she decided it was more fun to kick my chair.

And speaking of chairs, since there was no one sitting in front of the talkative kid he decided to put his feet up on the seats. Well guess what - it's a row of seats and we can all feel you kicking. I was so annoyed, I kept glaring back, or leaning really far towards the front of my seat, but they just didn't get the clue. There were a few times of silence when I wanted to turn around and explain it to them. Like when the vampire says "you're like my own personal brand of heroin" I wanted to turn around and say "Heroin, kids, that's a drug you inject with a needle but I'm sure you'll learn all about that in high school."

And I'm sure you're thinking, why didn't she just get up and move. I should have. But I was already seated so nicely with my popcorn, and I'd have to gather up all of my belongings just to move. That would probably only get me away from the kicking, but the talking you could hear everywhere.

Oh and you know in the beginning of all movies when they announce "out of respect for other movie watchers, please turn off all of your cell phones and pagers" ??? They mean turn it off, not turn it to vibrate.

We can hear things vibrate, if it's a silent point in the film. And we can see the flash of light if you decide to open your phone up and see who is calling. What is so damn important that you can't wait for the movie to end before responding to that text message anyway?


Flamingo said...

Twilight was good, i haven't read the books though. Robert Pattinson was sexy and his hair...odd but definately attractive. Anyway there weren'y many people there and it was the 3 o'clock matinee on the day after opening. My friend and I met there an hour early and there was no line! So we went and got seaweed free veggie sushi cause what else can you do.

Jac Star said...

YAY another Twilighter - I'm glad to hear that you enjoyed the movie even though you haven't read the book. I was trying to explain it to the die-hards that some things had to be over-acted for those that hadn't read the book. because how else can you describe that he doesn't want to smell her, without having him holding his breath and making a face?

Flamingo said...

haha! Yea, I refuse to be dragged into this whole Twilight obsession, I did Harry Potter and maybe in a few years I will try Twilight but for now I'm done with big series, I forget what I've read and the sequels always disappoint in one way or another. Plus I have a suspision that these books have some crazy vampire hypnosis going on lol!

Jac Star said...

lol see i love Twilight - got involved with all the books and am now buying all the fun little merchandise... I do believe I have been put under vampire hypnosis lol

Flamingo said...

Robert Pattinson was gorgeous though...I don't find vampires sexy but he is an exception!
It's so funny cause he is always so self-consious in interviews and stuff, which is also sad cause it could go one of two ways.
And now, thanks to the movie I have unrealistic expectations...which is funny cause there is a facebook group called exactly that...however I am trying to refuse being dragged in more then I am.

Jac Star said...

Rob Pattinson did pull it off for sure! If you read the books, it describes things like "his tortured soul" and "his crooked smile" and Rob nailed it!

ok ok - don't get sucked in lol
I didn't get involved the way everyone else did. I actually heard nothing about the book and this was long before the movie was released. I just walked into a bookstore and saw this unique cover, with an apple. I didn't even read the back of the book, i just bought it based on the cover. AND BAM! bought every other one since - just couldn't put them down

Flamingo said...

well Robert Pattinson said he thought the reason everyone liked...loved the book was because they were so personal, almost like they weren't supposed to be read.

Do you know where they sell Twilight merchandise? Do they sell it at Wal Mart? CAuse my Chapters is always sold out. They had some stuff but it was team jacob keychains and jacob posters when me and my friend are defiantely edward fans.

Jac Star said...

I only know of Chapters. But i have a few around me - so I try to go about every day or at least once a week just to make sure that i don't miss anything.

My husband got me a Twilight Charm for my necklace off of ebay though

Flamingo said...

I shall check it out!