Friday, November 28, 2008

What Really Grinds My Gears - 7

You know what really grinds my gears - Wal-mart.

OK so aside from the prices, what exactly is there to like about this place?

You've got the insane mob, that loves to rush the place. (Read devastating article here.)

You've got people that seem to have all the patience in the world, so they don't mind taking up all the space in that one aisle you need to be in while they stroll for their walk. You can't get around them, you can't get through them, and "pardon me" just gets you funny stares.

People are everywhere! They wreak serious havoc, destroying everything in their path. You've got customers who like to return things too. You know the one that stands in front of you in line, wants a full refund for their broken fax machine, and isn't leaving until he gets it, along with a plethora of gift cards. I don't know about you, but I'm pretty certain that fax machine didn't have bacon and toast in it BEFORE you took it home, but hey - he deserves some gift cards for all his troubles.

So now they have these 24 hour Wal-marts - because everybody needs something at 3am and where else can you go? OK so I thought I'd try this out. I hate mobs, and people in general, so I'm going to Wal-mart when I think no one else will be there. Funnily enough, there is NEVER a time at Wal-mart when people aren't there. And of course there is only one person on cash at this crazy hour. Well lucky me, I've been waiting in line for almost ten minutes when they decide to open another cash register. Except the cashier doesn't say "can I help whose next" instead she just points to the person closest to her and asks if she can help them.
It doesn't matter that I am next in line. You go on. I'll just stand here and wait for this lady to pay her $126. 93 bill, with pocket change... She puts another penny on the counter and looks at the till for her balance again. Still not enough? OK here, what does this dime bring my total to?
What makes you think the total has changed from the last time you looked at it?

And to the staff at Wal-mart, you're just as bad. Why do you hire these greeters? I've never once been greeted by one of these so-called 'greeters' though I have been pulled over and had my bags ransacked. You know you're not a greeter, you are security. Just get a vest... and some hand grenades. Then you'll have every right to treat people like criminals.

I understand there is an electronics department, and in that department they have their own cashiers. So if you aren't purchasing electronics, well you should probably go to the front of the store and purchase your items there. But what if you do have electronics? You're not allowed to leave the electronics department without purchasing your electronics. Fair enough. But I have other items, can you ring them all in? Of course not. I have to wait a solid 30 minutes, get through the whole rebating the bacon-toast-fax machine fiasco, only for you to tell me that you're only ringing through my electronics and I have to purchase the rest at the front cashiers. You know, where I have to wait another 60 minutes? How does that even make sense. I have a total of 5 items, 2 of them are electronics. By the time it took you to explain your decision to not ring through all of my items, you could have rang through all of my items.

Don't give me a hard time, it is not MY fault you had to pay a guy for a broken fax machine, that you know he broke in the first place. Get some balls, and tell him no.

Not me. I'm an honest customer. Don't get all pissy with me.
You got the wrong person.


Flamingo said...

Wow, your walmart is busy! I live near the "Biggest Walmart in BC" and there aren't usually too many people there when I go. Excpet for the weekend before Halloween...that was the busiest I've seen it. But the prices are worth it.

Jac Star said...

oh ya - it doesn't matter where you go, it's ridiculously busy.

the later the store is open, the worse it gets. Especially the 24-hour ones... It's enough to drive anyone crazy.

Apparently, in that article I added about the mob trampling a guy to death - there was a pregnant woman who was taken in for minor injuries. It's been announced that the woman lost her baby because of this walmart incident. Isn't that sad?

Flamingo said...

omg that is terrible! How pregnant was she? If it was me I would have turned around and gone home if there was a mob that size. I mean when there is a crowd so big that they trample a man to death...who are these people? And what were they thinking? If it was me, I would be okay waiting for an extra day, no matter how big the sale.

Jac Star said...

I'm not sure if the article said how pregnant she was :(

But I hear ya - I'd rather pay more moeny NOT to deal with although wreckless people

Flamingo said...

Yea, plus I get claustrophobic...I don't think I could handle being squished by mobs of people...