Tuesday, November 25, 2008

I smell a rant

Alright here's the latest.

Missy Quinn, a 16 year old prostitute gets married. Actually it doesn't say anywhere in the article that she's a hooker, it's just hearsay, but google her, you'll agree.

This girl, aspires to be a model, lives in a trailer with her parents, drops out of school at age 9, meets her future husband at a carnival at age 13... and the list goes on.

Despite the fact that her parents are in a trailer, they somehow came up with the money to fund this ridiculous farce:

£100,000 - total circus costs (wedding expenses)
£18,000 - the wedding gift from parents - a matching trailer (this is in addition to £100,000)
£16,000 - crystal-studded bikini with 10ft tail (wedding dress)
£700 - skanky hot pants worn by some random guest.
£500 - the crystal bouquet (did she toss this?)
£350 - the babies outfits (how many babies?)

Things that don't have a price tag:

- the matching implants for mom and daughter
- the queen's tiara
- mom's specially designed dress, which is essentially a bra and a slip - that's right, underwear
- Rolls-Royce Phantom that drove the circus to the church
- the bucket of make-up and the artist that had to apply all of this to Missy's face

I just can't get over it. I've read this a few times now and I'm shocked. The dad says things like "I was so proud of her on her wedding day." Proud of what? You just paid £100,000 to make your daughter look like a drag queen. For any of you that don't understand this currency, it works out to over $200,000 US dollars - or Canadian dollars, whichever is higher in value.

The mother says "I was surprised they wanted to get married so young in this day and age. But we could see they were madly in love." OMG - they are 16 and 17, wait a few years, they'll be madly in love with the next big thing.

Missy the bride, got married just 6 days after her 16th birthday and she has the gall to say "I've always wanted a big wedding and my dad has been saving for ages to pay for it." Really? Ages? You are 16 years old - how long could he have possibly been planning this wedding day? Well I guess since you dropped out of school at age 9, he just decided to put your college fund to good use.

Some random trash bag says "it's just what we do at weddings. It's all very extravagant." OK so what part about hot pants and bikini top screams 'extravagant' to you? What made you say 'hey, I'm going to church for a big wedding, maybe I should buy a new pair of hot pants'?

There were kids as young as 9 wearing bikini tops, high heels and make-up. The article doesn't mention anything about pants or skirts here either, so who knows what is on the bottom half of these children?

How did daddy afford all of these things? It says he surfaces driveways for a living, I had no idea how good a living that was, but there you have it. His little princess wanted a big £100,000 wedding at the age of barely 16, so this seems a practical request.

What I want to know is:
  1. Why did dad and groom not dress it up a little? Couldn't they afford to spend a little on themselves?
  2. Why are there so many guests under the age of 10? Oh right, the couple is not that much older.
  3. The bride gets married 6 days after her 16th birthday, at what age did she get those breast implants?
  4. Does anyone else think groom looks very similar to dad? That's the father of the bride, but who knows. You know what they say about those trailer folk, it's not inbreeding, it's PURE BREEDING. The new headline should say "Missy Quinn marries brother"
Here is the link for the rest of the article (pictures were found at this link also):


Danny Brown said...

Ah, British pikeys at their finest... ;-)

The mom looks like she could be the daughter's sister - hang on a minute... ;-)

Jac Star said...

Well their family tree is a straight line

Five Rivers Chapmanry said...

I think you might be looking at Romany culture, something totally foreign to most Western thinkers.
While we may not agree with it, its important to exercise some tolerance and learn about their practices and paradigms.

Jac Star said...

Actually, a lady I work with is Roman and she said the same thing. She says it's common for kids to stop going to school at age 12 (i can't remember if she specified the gender, or said kids in general though).

She said she's embarassed by this too.

Maybe traditions are different, but I don't see how spending a ridiculous amount of money that you don't have could be accepted - Or trashing yourself up to get married - it's making a mockery out of something beautiful... In any culture

Flamingo said...

Absolutely stupid. What were her parents thinking? They are going to end up with even more debt when the divorce rolls around. And I don't think I have seen or heard of a trashier wedding. Disgusting. That's it...it's just bad.