Wednesday, November 19, 2008

What Really Grinds My Gears - 6

You know what really grinds my gears - ignorance.

Here are the top 5 people I came across yesterday that needed a smack.

1. The guy on the bus who put his backpack on the seat beside him and proceeded to talk on his cell phone for the entire 30 minute bus ride. First off, there are people standing, and I'm positive your backpack didn't pay the $2.75 bus fare to ride. Get your bag off the chair and offer the nice lady a place to sit! I highly doubt your bag has a long day ahead of it, and I'm sure it won't be offended to be either put on the floor in front of you, or on your lap. Second, get off the phone. What could be so important at 6:30 in the morning that you have to annoy everyone else on the bus? Get a grip. Maybe if you weren't preoccupied with your cell phone you wouldn't be completely oblivious to the people standing, who could use your backpack's seat. This is equivalent to the person who sits on the aisle seat in a two-seater. I can't get by you to get to the window. Move your ass over. IGNORANCE.

2. The woman on the subway who has to be first off the train. The train conductor announces "next stop, Osgoode station" and this lady gets up, excuses herself (or just plain pushes) her way through the crowd and stands next to the door waiting for the train to stop. The train stops at Osgoode and the doors open. The lady doesn't budge. Of course there are people who actually need to get off at this stop but that doesn't seem to matter to this lady. She is completely unaware. People are trying to get both on and off the train and it seems as though this lady feels inconvenienced by this. The doors close and the train begins on it's way again. The conductor says "next stop St. Andrew station." I wonder if the lady will move this time. The train arrives at St. Andrew and the doors open and before they are completely open, the lady makes a run for it. It's imperative that she's the first on the escalator and out the door.
I've attempted to beat this lady a few times just for kicks, once I got through the door first and she pushed me out of the way to get to the escalator. As long as she's first, nothing else matters. What's the rush, you ask? IGNORANCE.

3. The people who walk in big, slow groups. Nobody can pass you. If you're going to walk slowly, then try to walk single file, or in pairs - people want to get by. I'm far from rushed, and I have a pretty normal pace. Most people complain that I'm slow - but hey, my legs are short, I do the best I can. If I'm complaining about YOUR pace, then pick it up. The only reason you're walking slow is because you're chatting away with all your friends, you fail to realize the line up of traffic behind you. We can't get by, and you're pissing us off. "Excuse me" doesn't work, because you're speaking loudly or fail to listen. A nice shove usually works and that's certainly not beneath me. If you had half a brain, you'd have heard the "excuse me" and moved in the first place. IGNORANCE.

4. The person who has no direct path and no specific pace. This is a branch from point #3. I'm walking behind someone and I believe I'm catching up and ready to pass. This person slows down, speeds up, and makes a sharp 90 degree turn just as I'm trying to pass. OK you go left then, I'll go right.... Oh wait, you want to go right... How about I just stop all together and let you make up your mind? And the dirty look you just gave me, that was a wonderful touch. Hey dumb ass, it's YOUR fault that people walk into you. Right foot, left foot. It's not hard. IGNORANCE.

5. The people who don't understand the concept of a queue. We're all waiting in a line, what do you think it's for? What makes you think the line isn't meant for you? Get in it and wait your turn. Due to the four other people and groups of people that I met before you today, I'm really not in the mood to deal with your stupidity. You get in the line, or you get a good shove. At this point, I'm liking the sound of abuse. You'll take it. You're IGNORANT.

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Danny Brown said...

Hahaha, AWESOME!

I'm fairly lucky in that I've missed most of this in my travels, but you make it sound like I'm there. Kudos! :)