Thursday, November 6, 2008

Ender's story

To all the die-hard Dashboard Confessional fans, please forgive me if any of my facts are skewed. I read this story a long time ago and it's all based on memory. Chris, same for you - it's more of a tribute!

There is a guy named Chris Ender Carrabba. When he was young he came across a book called Ender’s Game (by Orson Scott Card). He was drawn to it because of it’s unique title and aside from his own middle name he’d never seen “Ender” before. He read the book and was deeply enthralled. He introduced his friend to the Ender series and together they became creatures of habit, always reading, always role-playing, and discussing all things Ender.

One day the two friends got into a heated argument that could not be reconciled. Years had passed and the two had not spoken. Chris decided to contact his old friend and reminisce on the old Ender days. It was easy for the two to remember the good ol’ days and so their friendship remained in tact – the argument long forgotten.

Chris being the singer/songwriter he is, decided to write a song about this… How Ender saved a couple of friends. The song is entitled Ender Will Save Us All – by Dashboard Confessional.

The other day my friend called me and asked me if I wanted to go to the pet store with her. I said that I had no reason to go but I’d come along anyways.

She’s been volunteering there and she saw a kitten that she loves and just wanted to visit.
So I went with her into the room with all the cats. I sat on the bench and if any cats came to me I’d pet and play but if they didn’t then I’d leave them alone. I made no special effort.

This one kitten came out of his cage and crawled on my lap and curled into a ball. He wasn’t sleeping he was just cuddling. He sat there for over an hour then he got off and sat beside me on the bench. He sat there for about 30 seconds just watching all the other cats play, then he crawled back on my lap and cuddled with me again.

He used my arm as a pillow and he let me pet him non-stop.
My friend suggested that I take this little boy home, but I know better. My husband and I already own two cats and two dogs and although we love animals, I've already been threatened with divorce should I decide to bring another one home.

So I went home without any animals.

I told my husband the story and I asked if he’d come to the pet store with me the next day. I said that I didn’t expect anything and I’m sure he’d say no to more animals, but he had to come see this cute kitten.

So the next day we went. My husband could not resist this cute kitten and so we brought him home. We named him Ender, and he’s so wonderful. He’s so curious and he walks around checking everything out. He seems particularly playful on the stairs. He’s great with the dogs and the other cats as well. The dogs like to sniff him and lick him clean and he’ll just sit there and let them. When the dogs try to sleep Ender wants to sleep with them too so he cuddles them.

Ender is a tough little guy who likes to play with everyone. He chases the other cats, the dogs' tails and when no one is in the mood to play, he happily plays with his own shadow.

The Ender book is excellent, the Ender book series is fabulous, the Ender song is timeless - and the kitten, well he's well suited for his name!


Yona said...

Awe, that is a sweet story!

Danny Brown said...

It IS a sweet story - but who will THIS ender save us all from? ;-)